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How to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

by Roveen Anyango
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Linkedin has gained a good reputation as a social media site that links people with professionals and jobs.

The app can be a great place to network and find people who can help you further your career or perhaps even get it started.

However, to build your personal brand on Linkedin, you will want to do a few things right.

Choose the right profile picture

Linkedin is an app that is meant for business and if you want to build a brand on it, you will need to show poise and competence in your profile picture.

For example, do not choose a blurry profile picture or a photo with poor lighting or with your face obscured, perhaps with sunglasses or a hat. Also, don’t have a group photo as your profile picture.

Instead, let the picture be a close-up of your face and provide a clear front view of your face. You should be dressed appropriately in the photo and the image should not be too close to your face.

Optimize your profile

Like any other social media site, using the right words on your profile will make your page rank higher in Linkedin searches.

So, find keywords that your potential clients or employers look for and use them in your headline, job title, and job description.

Go hard in your description of yourself

Yes, it can be quite hard to describe yourself, and especially professionally, but if you are to succeed in Linkedin, you need to shine the light on yourself.

Obviously, you want to speak of your accomplishments proudly without sounding arrogant so it’s about balance. Speak about your achievements in everyday languages so that anyone visiting your profile easily learns of the value you are likely to bring if they hire you. If you have figures, quote them. For example, if you worked as a sales representative, you can put the number of sales you made in a year.

Write articles

Linkedin often provides an opportunity to write and publish articles directly on the site, which provides great work for you to show your expertise.

So, you can turn to write how-to articles on a field of your interest or expertise.

Publishing on Linkedin provides unique features for you on the app, which is why, even if you have a blog, try to also publish on Linkedin.

Linkedin can be a great place for you to get your career started or to jump to the next level of your personal brand. Once all is said and done, don’t neglect to use Linkedin ads to your advantage too!

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