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How to change Your career Path

by Evalyne Ndanu
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There are various reasons why you may be seeking a career change. Regardless of the reasons, the bottom line is there is work to be done. There is need for effort and energy regards changing your Career Path. Here are some tips on how to Change Your Career Path. It is possible and it can be done, only be willing to put in the work.

Do your research

A key aspect to Change Your Career path is doing proper research. Do research for the field you want to go into. Find out what are the basic foundations of that field, what skills are needed and what is the core of the field.

Research will give you an in-depth view of the field. Of the trends in that particular field. It is in the process of research that you get to ask yourself important questions regards the field. Looking within and asking yourself whether you would be interested in learning the basics of that field.

In this digital era, all what you are looking for is probably online.

Research to Change Your Career Path

Immerse yourself in the intended field

Take time to read and get immersed in the target field. Immersing yourself can look like taking a course, taking a certification in the target field.

Find blogs, books and podcasts that are industry specific to what you want. Consume such material and go deeper do not remain on the surface. If there is video content of the industry, watch it, talk about and be immersed into it.

Additionally, consider joining groups of the target industry. This is viable especially with LinkedIn, Facebook and across social platforms. These groups will keep you in the loop regards what’s happening in the field and possible job offers. Take advantage of this immersion.

Ask questions

Questions mean you are learning. They mean that you at least understand something and are interested in digging more. Questions will give you answers to some of the stumbling blocks you have regards a certain industry.

Ask your questions to people in the specific field, ask them in the groups that you are in socially. When your questions are addressed, it means you have more room to scale up, to learn much more.

Moreover, you can ask your questions on platforms such as Quora, StackOverflow, WikiHow, Yahoo Answers among others.

Ask questions

Be mentally ready for the ups and downs

While changing careers may be exciting, it does come with it fair share of ups and downs. It may not be a smooth sail. Be ready for when the boat begins to rock.

Be mentally prepared for the pros and cons that will present themselves along the course. Mentally be ready for such things to happen. They mean that you are doing something, you are moving and therefore there may be resistance.

Learn to use the tides to propel you even further into the target industry. Every field has its own challenges, be aware of this.

Do an Internship or job shadowing

Besides the previously mentioned pointers, this one is particularly important. An Internship or a job shadowing will give you the front seat regards the industry. It will be a first hand experience in the field.

Find an opportunity to Volunteer, do and internship or any form of job shadowing for your specific field. Transfer the theory and research into a practical state. Work with or under someone in the industry and get to do the work they are doing. This will be first hand insight on what to expect once you transition fully.

This experience will help you to judge and decide better regards your target industry.

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