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How to Clear Trolls on Social Media

by Roveen Anyango
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Social media has come with several new subcultures, many of which are good but some of which are bad. One of the bad traits on social media is trolling.

Trolling is internet language for the intentional conflict that some people create through posting negative and hostile comments, especially unprovoked. The people who do this are called trolls.

Trolls will often be identified through:

  • Always posting negative comments
  • Singling you out for criticism repeatedly
  • Attempts to intimidate you
  • Often use new or anonymous accounts.

You will never avoid trolls completely, unfortunately, but you can clear them in the following ways.

Keep responses short

When in the early days of dealing with a troll, you might want to make them see your point of view. In that case, when responding to them, keep the responses short and concise. Set your boundaries here about what you will and will not tolerate. It is here that any sensible person will probably back down and not push their luck further.

If, however, the troll persists…

Block them

This is the best way to getting round trolls. The block functions ensure that the troll is not able to see or interact with your posts anymore and you, on the other hand, are not able to see anything that they post. Blocking is the best way to completely shut down a troll.

However, some trolls can create more accounts just to gain access to you. This can lead to a worsening situation. In such a situation…

Take time off social media

It can be very overwhelming to deal with trolls, especially those who repeatedly target you with new accounts even after blocking them.

Remember, your whole life is not on social media, so, if the trolling gets to a point where it affects your mental health and daily functioning, then consider taking frequent extended breaks from social media. This action is difficult, and it feels like you are letting the trolls win. But it is a great way of you to reclaim the joy in your life when you are feeling upset. Remember, you are a sensible person, but a troll most likely isn’t, so that’s a fight that you cannot win.

Trolling and cyberbullying make social media a tough place to be, but you shouldn’t let trolls make your whole life miserable. Take charge!

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