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How to Create a Standout Portfolio

by Roveen Anyango
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Becoming a professional is always about showing and telling and the best way to do that is through a portfolio.

Portfolios are documents which show your skills, talents and abilities in greater details than a resume does. The nature of portfolio will always depend on your field of work, but there are some basic aspects of making a portfolio which apply across all fields.

The following are ways to make your portfolio standout in whatever field.

Identify your best work samples

A portfolio in what will be looked at more than your resume when requested in a job application. Thus, before beginning to create the portfolio itself, first begin to identify your best work.

Rank your work in a master list then select the top 10-20. Select projects that display different skills or service. Also, ensure that the work on the portfolio supports the qualifications on your resume and is in line with what was requested in the job application.

Create a table of contents

If your portfolio has many varied projects, then make it easier for readers to navigate it by creating a table of contents. Ensure that the list catches the attention of the reader to motivate them to read further. Create categories which will help the reader select where they want to focus on. Aside from that, categories also inform the reader of your skills range.

Be Personal

Your past work is crucial for your resume, but it is by no means all that you should share. Therefore, include robust information about yourself; your story, background and the type of person you are in a professional setting.

If possible, include a portrait photo of yourself and a description of your style of doing the work you do. So, if you are a writer for example, include descriptions of your writing style and tone.

Mention recognition for your work

Don’t be modest in your portfolio. So, if you have a documentation of an award or recognition, add it to your portfolio, whether it be news clippings or magazines: add proof of your achievements. If there is no such proof, you can list the honors alongside contextual information like the issuing authority and the date of the recognition.

A portfolio is there to provide information that would not fit in a resume. Therefore, it is important that you provide as much necessary information on it as possible to make it standout to the intended party.

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