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How to Create Social Media Videos that Translate into Sales

by Roveen Anyango
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Videos have become a critical medium of passing information online. Not only do they viral on social media more often, but they also have a bigger chance of capturing people’s imaginations when done right.

Yet, often, many people who run online businesses tend to fail at creating the types of videos that capture people well enough to translate into sales.

Below are some tips on creating social media videos that lead to purchases.

Tell a story in your videos

We all love a good story and one way you can capture and hold the attention of people online is by creating videos that tell the story of your product.

Speak about what inspired you to create your product, what was the process like – from ideation to completion. A story helps create a bond between your product and the potential customers, and this is likely to increase.

Include a CTA

When making a video about your product, it is not just enough to showcase your product. You need to go further and include a call to action. A call-to-action (CTA in short) is a message that instructs the people watching how they can make a purchase.

You could include the CTA in the video, or have it in the description of the video. Additionally, rather than give links to the homepage of your business, provide a link that leads directly to the product that you are selling in the video.

Pose Q & As

Online businesses need to create a close relationship with their customers and one of the ways is through going live and taking in questions and giving answers.

Q & A videos may not be direct sales videos, but they help you provide answers to burning questions your customers and potential customers might have. Be honest when responding to the questions and provide clear and concise answers. These sessions will help build interactions between you and your customers and makes them confident about purchasing your product(s) or service(s).

Remember, when making social media videos, you don’t need to professionally shoot them. With proper lighting and a good camera, you can get it done quite well. When done effectively, these videos not only increase your brand awareness but also connect you better with your customers and easily translates into sales.

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