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How to Deal with Distractions

by Evalyne Ndanu
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Distractions can be an obstacle to your goals. In fact, even things that seem “positive” could also be potential distractions. Several factors may contribute to distraction including lack of interest in the main activity, lack of focus and bodily or mentally fatigue. How then can you deal with these distractions? Here are some tips on How to Deal with Distractions.

Have a work plan.

Listing down a clear list of the things you are planning to do during the day will help you to keep track. You can set small goals each day. It is necessary to write them down and put them in a place where you will be seeing them often during the day. Forexample, hanging them on the refrigerator. It will also assist you to be motivated towards beating the goals on the work plan and avoiding procrastination.

Have a work plan

Get Enough rest.

Sleeping is vital. Sleep is fuel for the body. Deprivation of sleep is counter-productive.

Therefore, ensure that you sleep for at least 7- 8 hours before starting your day. This will give both the body and the brain time to recharge, giving you a refreshing and vibrant mood once you wake up. Sufficient rest will not only keep you alert and focused but also helps the body stay healthy. Enough sleep is the key to a properly functioning brain.

Keep focus/ brain training.

Spending 15 to20 minutes a day on brain training activities such as Sudoku, puzzle, chess jigsaw puzzles and, memory games can increase the concentration and intention span of the brain minimizing ease of distraction. Brain training games will not only prevent digression but also improve long and short-term memory as well as processing and problem-solving skills. Alternatively, you can decide to take a short break. Incorporating short breaks of 10-15 min after every 50min of work can help improve and increase concentration.

The brain gets time to cool off and refresh. You can use this short break period to grab a coffee or take short walk outside for fresh air.


Keep technological gadgets under control.

The environment you work in also matters. Television, radio and mobile phone can be an easy source of distraction when it comes to matters of concentration. Keeping them off or putting them away helps minimise the noise of interruptions between a planned activity. As a result, it creates a serene environment suitable for prolonged focus.

In addition, avoid multi-tasking. For example do not study while you are mopping. Do one at a time. It will level up the efficiency of your actions.

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