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How to excel in a tech career

by Evalyne Ndanu
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How to excel in a tech career? Many of us have found ourselves asking this question with aspirations to make a mark in the tech field. Here are some tips on how to excel in a tech career.

Choose a route that focuses on your natural strengths.
Given that the Technology field is vast, it is important to align oneself to one’s strengths. For example if your strengths are in art and colors, you can choose the path of a UI/UX designer. If you love math and numbers, you can go to the programming or Data Science path. Technology is broad enough to accommodate all of us and excellence lies in our strengths. You can do a personality test to get to know yourself much more.

Focus on substance.
Focus on producing results. An example is completing an application and publishing it on Play store. This can be used as a reference point for job opportunities and/or business opportunities. Deliver what is expected of you. Make progress and make sure much of your work is out there. This builds up one’s portfolio and sends one’s career in an upward projectile.

Problem solving.
The best way to gain mileage in practically any field is to solve problems. In a tech career, Identifying problems that you can solve will make all the difference. Look around you, is there a problem that requires your attention? Complicated Algorithms? Boring websites? Knowledge gaps? Once you begin addressing the problems around you, excellence will be your crown.

Problem solving

Problem solving

Being open minded and willing to learn new things.
Technology is a fast changing field. Innovation is constant in Technology. Today we have Blockchains emerging tomorrow will be something else. Learning to be flexible and adaptable to change will definitely place you ahead in technology.

Do something you are passionate about.
Passion is the fuel that will drive you forward. In a very practical manner, a car without fuel isn’t able to move forward. This applies to our careers as well. If you are passionate, no matter the obstacles and challenges that you may experience, there will always be the momentum to keep pushing and going. Otherwise if there is no fuel burn out is inevitable. Why waste your energy in something that you aren’t genuinely interested in? Life is too short for such bad choices.

Technology stretches your patience levels. Consider a situation where you have a bug and have been working on it for a lot of hours. This is exhausting. It seriously tests your patience. Therefore, having much more of patience is a step in the direction of excellence in Technology.

Find a mentor.
A mentor is someone who will walk with you and help you become better at your career. Having someone to cheer you on in this journey is important. Sometimes they see more than you can see and have experienced most of the challenges you are currently going through. You can learn from their experiences and become excellent at your work. How to find a mentor for a career in tech.

Never stop learning.
Learning never ends. You can never stop learning in the tech field. Keep yourself up to date with the new trends and technologies. Join tech communities and attend tech events. Interact with other techies and learn from them as well.

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