How to Fight Imposter Syndrome and Be Great

Are you struggling with feelings of inadequacy even when you know that you are good enough? This is what is called the imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome will often happen whenever you are making strides and doing things you have never done before. Since your brain likes its comfort, it often makes you believe that by stepping out of your comfort zone; you are setting yourself up for failure.

But that is not true. If you are looking to do great things, here is how to fight the imposter syndrome, especially online where competition and comparison are inevitable.

Teach yourself new skills

Finding a mentor is absolutely critical in building your confidence in anything. However, nothing beats going out there and using online resources to teach yourself new skills.

Online learning often needs discipline, consistency and accountability, three critical characteristics that will help you overcome any feelings of inadequacies that you may have. Why would you believe you are not good enough yet you taught yourself that skill?

Volunteer your expertise

Many times, imposter syndrome comes whenever our expertise earns us some income which we believe is undeserved as we imagine we are not good enough.

To build confidence in your own abilities, then, volunteer. If you are a photographer, volunteer taking photos of your friends’ special occasions, or even day-to-day photos when you meet.

Volunteering helps you accomplish two things: First, you continuously improve on your skill without any pressure and second, you build your confidence in that skill. This helps kick down those feelings of not being good enough.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Know what you are and are not good at. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses means that you will put more effort into what you know will build your confidence, while taking time to work on weaknesses.

Once you understand your strengths and weaknesses, avoid putting yourself in situations where your failings are highlighted, as this only make your imposter syndrome worse. Instead, look to amplify your strengths, but also work on your weaknesses behind closed doors.

Learn from mistakes

Mistakes in that new activity, job or project that you are doing will often bring out the imposter syndrome. When you make a mistake, it often feels like ‘I knew it! I knew I was not good enough for this!”

Now, if you are well aware of your skills and expertise in that area, lean on the mistake for further learning. And if you do not have the required expertise to continue, the lesson you should take is to go back to the basics and build your skill/knowledge up to the required level.

Imposter syndrome is all too real. It could be what’s holding you back from truly achieving the great things you wish. With the tips above, and many more, know that you can always beat feelings of inadequacies.

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