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How to hire Good talent for work 

by Evalyne Ndanu
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Hiring is part of business. In fact, it is a crucial element in propelling the organisation towards the right direction. You therefore want to hire good talent. Talent that will push your business forward. There is an extra mile you can go while hiring. Here are some tips on how to hire Good talent for work, how to go that extra mile.

Meet your interviewee outside the office – Take them out of the interview zone

It is the norm that interviews happen in very official ways. While this may work sometimes, most people have mastered the art of it and may just do it for the sake of doing it. It therefore gives a better picture if you consider an out the norm approach.

Taking the interviewee out of the interview zone is a great tool to hiring good talent. You can invite them for lunch together with some of your colleagues and observe how they steer and contribute to conversations, how they interact with the waiters.

A relaxed environment mostly compels the interviewee to be more of themselves and that is definitely what you want to find out, who they truly are, not what they are dressed up for. It offers more insight about someone compared to the traditional interview.

Tips for Effective Networking

Advertise your job openings across all platforms

You wouldn’t want to miss out on good talent simply because they weren’t on the platform that you were advertising on. There are various platforms and ways to advertise for a job including social media platforms and job posting sites.

Social media is a powerful tool for recruitment and advertising. Choose to advertise on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Consider putting in a “We’re hiring” tagline and sponsoring the posts so that they get to reach your target audience in greater numbers.

Additionally, look out for the places people search for jobs and strategically advertise for jobs there.

Provide a good job description

Another tip on how to hire good talent for work is to provide a good job description. For many, a job description is the “marking scheme” against which the check if they are qualified for the job or not.

This therefore calls for intentionality and detail in giving the proper description. It would be awful if a good talent walked away because of a detail in the job description. Perhaps if something was missing or miscommunicated.

A good job description should have a specific title, clearly outlined roles and responsibilities, Qualification and skills and Benefits.


Consider the attitude of the person

While of course the Curriculum Vitae and Cover letter matter a great deal towards landing a job, it does help to look beyond them. There are gaps that can be explained, take time to listen and evaluate before jumping into conclusions.

Considering the attitude of a person matters a great deal. If their attitude is to learn more, if they have curiosity, if they are willing to work in a team. These qualities are admirable and will be a plus to the whole organisation.

Your attitude is more important than your capabilities. Similarly, your decision is more important than your capabilities.

Jack Ma

Be interested in their life other than work

For you to hire good talent for work, be interested in the person’s life other than work. Ask questions about their social life, what they enjoy to do besides work. Do it with care as well, do not ask personal questions, remember to keep it professional.

Casual questions for example about hobbies and interests are great icebreakers. Moreover, they create room to get to know the interviewee more. They give insight into the passions of the interviewee.

Use a professional or a hiring company

Sometimes, using a professional or hiring company may be the missing ingredient towards hiring good talent. Hiring companies have been in the industry, they know from experience what best to consider and not.

Professionals and Hiring companies have the capacity to do the screening tests and find good fits. This will save you time and money with a high probability of finding higher quality candidates. On the flip side it may be costly and may overlook the culture fit for a potential.

If done right, hiring talent can be an enjoyable task.

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