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How to Improve Wi-Fi Speed on Your Phone

by Roveen Anyango
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Experiencing slow Wi-Fi on your phone has got to be one of the top three worst feelings in the world, up there with a heartbreak and losing your phone.

This becomes especially more frustrating when the tried and tested method if turning the Wi-Fi tab on your phone on and off o

r even restarting your phone fixes nothing. Below, then, we look at ways in which you can try to fix the issue.

Restart the Router

This is a step that many of us do not consider necessary, but if your phone is not to blame for the slow internet speeds, turn your attention to the router.

Find it’s on and off button and toggle it off, let it stay for some few seconds, before toggling it on again. Alternatively, you can unplug it from the main power line, let it stay off for about a minute then plug it back again. You can also troubleshoot your Wi-Fi.

If this doesn’t fix the problem –

Cut down Heavy Internet Activity

Sometimes your internet might be slow because of several heavy internet activities taking place at the same time. The internet bandwidth, depending on your provider, can accommodate up to a certain number of concurrent heavy internet functions.

Thus, you can check what is using your bandwidth with the following steps.

Alternatively, you can opt to download videos rather than streaming them, especially if you are streaming during peak hours. If, for example, you watch your shows at night, that’s a peak time and thus, the internet could lag. You could download your show in the morning and watch it later at night to reduce the strain on your internet. Do this and see if your internet speeds improve. If they don’t –

Reset Your Wi-Fi Settings

If the above still don’t fix the problem, then consider completely resetting your phone Wi-Fi settings. You can do this by choosing forget Connection then reconnection.

On Android, the step is as follows:

  1. Go to Settings>Network & Internet>Wi-Fi
  2. Click on the Network you are using.
  3. Choose Forget.
  4. Then restart your phone and rejoin the network

On the iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings>Wi-Fi
  2. Tap the i next to your network
  3. Hit Forget This Network
  4. Restart your phone before reconnecting.

More tips can be found here. If the above tips don’t work, then consider seeking help from your Wi-Fi network provider.

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