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How to Learn About Cryptocurrencies: Best Courses on Cryptocurrency

by Roveen Anyango
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Cryptocurrency has grown to become an important part of the modern-day investment. The new and dynamic virtual currency is changing finances and investment as we know it, while also improving security through blockchain technology. This article explains more on Best Courses on Cryptocurrency.

It is the desire to know more about cryptocurrency that has led to the development of cryptocurrency courses. However, in a space rife with theft, scammers and fraud, getting a legitimate course on cryptocurrency can be draining.

But not anymore. Below, we look at approved Best Courses on Cryptocurrency that you can take as a beginner to improve your crypto-knowledge.

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals – Udemy

This course by Udemy is a hit among students owing to the fact that it offers a comprehensive introduction to the basics of cryptocurrency. This course will teach you what cryptocurrency is and how different cryptos work. It will also provide you with a working knowledge of cryptocurrency. This is one of the Best Courses on Cryptocurrency.

The courses are 1.5 hours of on-demand video costing $94.99 per course, though you can get it on frequent discounts for as low as $ 15.99.

Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency – Coursera – Princeton

This course, offered by Princeton University instructors, teaches the basics of Bitcoins and other cryptos but also goes in-depth on the crypto topics, especially on bitcoins.

In this course, you get flexible deadlines and classes that are 100% online, and the best part – it is completely free.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Coursera – Wharton

This course offered by the Wharton University of Pennsylvania, teaches the basics of cryptocurrency. Here, you learn how to define cryptocurrency, analyze the foundations of digital signatures and blockchain as it applies to cryptocurrency.

The course is in 4 modules: Introduction to Cryptocurrency, Rules and Structure of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency as an Asset Class and The Blockchain Ecosystem. All lessons are spread across four weeks, with an hour for each class.

Blockchain Fundamentals – Berkeley University

This course begins by teaching you the basics of blockchain, including how to synthesize your own blockchain solutions. Then you move on to understanding the mechanics of Bitcoins and understand their real-life application.

The course takes up to 3 – 5 hours a week and is at $ 178.20 for the full course, which included two packages: Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Foundation – LinkedIn

This short LinkedIn course takes you through the very basics of cryptocurrency –What is Cryptocurrency, creating cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency mining.

Here, you get to learn of the underlying technology behind cryptocurrency – blockchain databases, hashing and cryptography. You will also get to learn the process of mining and the hardware and software you need to mine cryptocurrency.

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