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How to Make Money Listening to Music

by Roveen Anyango
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Listening to music is a joy that we all share. Music is fun, engaging, beautiful, and memorable. But did you know that there are ways you can get paid to listen to music?

Not only is this a way of earning extra income, but it also gives you some excellent learning opportunities.

Below then are ways you can earn money just from listening to music along with the websites that offer the services.

Rate Songs

Whenever we like a song, we will often rate it on the app we are listening to. But did you know that you can get paid to do that?

Music Xray and Hit Predictor are two websites that pay you to rate songs.

For Music Xray, you will get paid to listen to any song of your preferred genre, getting $1 for every full song that you listen to.

However, Hit Predictor is a little different.  Hit Predictor focuses on new and upcoming artists. Thus, when you listen to a full song and rate it, you will earn points. These points will then accumulate, at which point you can exchange them for money and other prizes.

Transcribe lyrics

Song lyrics are always in demand and you can get paid to write them down. You can find online transcription jobs which include song lyrics transcription. For example, apps such as Welocalize, for iPhones, pays user $4 for each transcription.

Review music

If you get paid to rate music, then you can also get paid to review it. Hit Predictor and Slice the Pie claim to pay you to review each song you listen to.

After you sign up, you will get a list of songs and you must review each of them. longer reviews will earn you more money, though on average, for Hit Predictor, you will get $1 for every three reviews.


While not a direct way of earning money from listening to music, blogging can still be a great way to monetize listening to music. However, for this, you need to have some connection with artists, music labels, and music event organizers.

You also need to identify what your blog with major on. What genre of music will you cover? What will be your blog’s focus –lyrics, reviews, or general discussions related to music and popular songs?

However, once you have a steady audience, you will earn some good money, both from advertisements on your blog and also payment from artists or record labels for promotion.

You can take inspiration from DiscoBelle or Buzzbands on how to go about blogging.

However, remember this should be a side gig and not your main income source as pay is irregular. Also, do your due diligence before signing up for any of these sites.

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