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How to Motivate Your Team in the New Year Period

by Roveen Anyango
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Shortly after coming from the holidays, we often have a hard time adjusting to getting back to the work environment, especially if you went for holidays in early December. That’s a full month away from work!

If you are the boss or team leader for a company or project, you might even find yourself stressed over how to get your team to work to their best even as you acknowledge the fact that they might still have a holiday hangover. Here are some tips to get them going.

Offer some flexibility

It is the start of the year. We all need some time adjusting to the demands of the new year. So, as a boss, why not give the team some workplace flexibility? You could, for example, allow people to leave a little earlier than they usually would or arrive a little later than usual, at least for the next few days.

This allows them to re-build their work habit and get into rhythm over a stretched out period, rather than simply jumping into deadlines.

Let them know of the new goals

A new year comes with new projections and targets for any company. So, as soon as the team settles into the work rhythm, let them know what is expected of them in the new year. This is known as drive alignment, and it ensures that everyone understands the roadmap and what is expected of them – individually and as a team.

Knowing what they are expected to do motivates people to get going as soon as possible.

Give out smaller tasks first

We have the whole year ahead of us and while some tasks could need immediate attention (for example tasks in life changing jobs), if your job isn’t a life or death situation, allow your workers or team to complete simpler tasks as they get into the work rhythm.

Completing smaller tasks is a great way of getting us going and helps puts us in a state of mind to do and complete greater things.

Set a limit

At the end of the day, you want people to get going as soon as possible. Therefore, it is crucial that you also have a limit of when it will not be acceptable to lag behind. Depending on the work culture, know that you will motivate your team to get down to work quickly when they know there is a cap for how long they are allowed to have some slack.

All the best to you, your team or your company in this new year!

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