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How to Motivate Yourself to Study

by Evalyne Ndanu
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Let’s face it, we have all experienced a lack of motivation at some point. Deep down we know we should get things done, we even are aware of the consequences of not getting things done at the proper time. Yet again we still lack the motivation. Here are some tips on How to Motivate Yourself to study.

Dig Deep on the Why

Sometimes going up means first going deep and creating the momentum to thrust up. This can be gotten from digging deep on the why. Why are your studying in the first place? Of what Importance is it to you?

There could be different Why’s of study, for growth, for knowledge, for problem solving, for jobs, whatever reason it could be be. It needs to be personal and persuasive to you as an individual.

Break down Big tasks to Small tasks

One big task can look intimidating. When something is intimidating we have already created a mental block towards the task. The solution to this is to break down the big task to small chunks of works.

Small tasks are easier to accomplish and at the same time create a fulfilment that then creates the momentum to keep going. They also reduce the stress and anxiety levels and actually focus on getting things done.

Set reasonable goals

There are a myriad of reasons why people fail to achieve their goals. One of them it not setting reasonable goals. You can learn how to set proper goals and why it is important to have the goals in the first place.

Having reasonable goals for your study will create motivation to want to achieve them.

Organise Your time

Whether this looks like the traditional pen and paper or calendar or using time-planning apps, get a time organising tool that works for you. Map out clearly what you will be doing at specific times and have a visual of the same.

Organising our time helps us to avoid procrastination and be practical in the way we spend our time. It helps us to accept the reality of 24 hours a day and doing our best to maximise the use of the hours.

Develop a study Habit

A habit is created and learned. No one is born with a habit. You can create one for yourself and especially around your studies. Creating a study routine will create motivation to study.

When you form a habit, you can easily identify when something is amiss, when there is something you have not done, because the routine becomes ingrained in you. While developing a habit may take time, when it is developed it is able to create motivation enough for tasks.

Study group

Get a Study Buddy or a Study Group

Two are better than one. While we may not have the strength to study alone, study buddies and study groups are a great option. 

Having more than one brain together means a wider pool of knowledge and a wider scope and view to tackle issues. This creates a spark because sometimes the solution lies in simply looking at it from a different angle and this can be found from study groups.

Additionally, getting to explain things is a great indicator if you yourself understand the concepts.

Get rid of Distractions

Yes for effective study, it is paramount to keep away the distractions. Put your mobile phone on flight mode or on silent. Avoid reading any notifications and simply keep your focus.

Multitasking is a killer to quality work and promotes divided attention. Choose to concentrate maximumly on the tasks at hand.

Make the Topics Interesting and Practical

There are no boring subjects, only disinterested minds – Gilbert Keith Chesterton

As Gilbert put it, there are no boring subjects. Subjects get boring when we are memorising and straining instead of understanding and enjoying the topics.

Make your study as practical as possible. Think of its actual use in the real world. Look at how it is presently being implemented. Make visuals of how that looks like and make sure it keeps you hooked.

Interesting and Practical

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself while studying is also a great source of motivation. It could look like giving your self a break after every 25-30 minutes, having a 5 minute break. It could look like treating yourself to some good food. Listening to your favorite music, or going for a walk outside, reading a few pages of your favorite novel.

Whichever reward makes you happy, go for it.

Simply start

Sometimes, motivation can be derived from simply starting. It is usually hard to begin, especially when we don’t know where or how to start. We tend to procrastinate in such scenarios.

The solution is to simply begin, you can even give yourself 5-10 minutes to engage with the material of study. Starting is the hardest part but once you get into it, you won’t turn back.

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