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How to Sleep Better for Better Living

by Roveen Anyango
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Do you have trouble finding the right amount of sleep? Do you often wake up tired each morning and find yourself lacking the energy to go on with your day? Or do you find yourself constantly awake at odd hours, unable to find sleep?

A lack of sleep will often be due to several factors – work-related stress, familial strain and responsibility, illnesses and so on.

Sometimes, you might not be able to control the factors interfering with your sleep. However, you can adopt habits that encourage better sleep.

Having a sleeping schedule

If you are struggling with sleep, then set a time when you should be in bed so that you can achieve your goal of sleeping the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep.

If your day begins early, then set a time to go to bed early and let that time be your daily time to go to bed. If you want to change it over the weekend, then limit the difference to no more than an hour.

Don’t eat right before bedtime

Avoid eating heavy meals at least an hour before bedtime. The discomfort from having eaten too much could keep you up. On the other hand, do not go to bed hungry.

Give yourself at least an hour after your evening meal before going to bed. That way, your body will have adjusted to what you have already eaten and thus, you will be more comfortable in bed and easily fall asleep.

Wind down before bedtime

Winding down is a critical part of preparing to fall asleep.

You can prep a warm bath to help your body reach the ideal temperature for rest. Or you could do some light yoga or stretches to help relax your muscles. You can also read a book or listen to soft music or sounds that help you relax. You can do these activities shortly after your supper.

However, avoid smartphones or any other electrical gadgets for an hour before bed. Their light might interfere with your circadian rhythm.

Make the bedroom sleep-friendly

Let your bedroom be relaxing. At night, it should be dark, with minimal artificial lighting. It should be quiet and tidy, with thick curtains and a comfortable bed.

A dark room with no artificial lighting makes it easier for you to fall asleep and sleep well through the whole night. So, this means no TV’s or video games in the bedroom if you want a goodnight’s sleep.

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