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How to Successfully Begin a New Life Chapter

by Roveen Anyango
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Our lives often take a turn from time to time, sometimes by our own doing, but other times, by some major event beyond our power.

While choosing our own path in life can often be rewarding and not very challenging, the truth is that more often than not, the world can simply decide to switch up on us, forcing us to a new path. Rather than sulk, however, you need to adapt. Below is how to adapt to a new life path so that you successfully begin a new life.

Let go of the Past

The most important thing you need to do when getting into a new path is to let go of what was. Sure it was happy, fulfilling and you hoped it would last forever. But it hasn’t and it probably wasn’t meant to.

It is almost impossible to begin on a new path if you are still looking back to where you came from. So, if possible seek closure but ultimately keep your eyes to your new path.

Beware of the transition

Many people seem to imagine that charting a new path will be seamless, and get disappointed when they realize that they are struggling. This can then make them want to go back to the familiar old life.

However, going back is not necessary. When charting a new path, expect a transition period. Expect a learning curve. Expect to struggle in your new journey. So, you will feel disorientated, emotionally drained and will long for the familiar. This is all part of the process. Be kind to yourself and keep moving forward.

Keep an open mind

As you chart your way into the new chapter, you might spend a lot of time overanalyzing and over-preparing for our next move. Now, when moving into a new chapter, it is critical to make preparations to move you closer to your goal.

However, be open to the realization that things won’t always work the way you want them to, and this can be a good thing. So, while you can prepare in your new journey, be open to new opportunities and experiences.

Get support

Whatever the new path you are moving into, ensure that there is a support group for you in your new journey. If you are a new parent, join a parent support group. And if you are new to a job, keep in touch with old colleagues as you learn to socialize with the new ones. If you are going through a break up, have supportive friends or go to therapy if you feel you need it.

Point is, do not try to go into a new journey without a proper support structure to keep you going.

Whatever happens, remember that a new chapter is an opportunity to live your best life.

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