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How to Take Good Sunset Photos with your Phone

by Roveen Anyango
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With smartphone cameras getting better with each waking day, many of us are turning into amateur photographers. One of the many things that we like to photographs is sunsets. Come on, don’t be shy, you have attempted to snap the sunset before, haven’t you?

The glorious setting of the sun makes for a great photo image but capturing it in a way that captures its essence is a tough ask. Below, then are some tips to improve your sunset photo form.

Get a great location

A key component of taking an image is location, and it is no different when it comes to taking sunset photos.

In essence, an ideal location for a sunset should allow a view of the sunset but should also have a main view aside from the sunset. So, it could be a boardwalk, a boat on the ocean, trees, a building, a person, anything that juxtaposes with the majestic sunset.

Be patient

Once you have found your location, it is imperative that you are patient. A lot of people will often quickly jump to take the photo as soon as the sun begins its dip, then quickly exit. However, the key to taking a good sunset photo is taking several and especially after the sun has dipped and the sky is painted with the colors bouncing off the clouds.

Aside from capturing the fiery colors in the sky, you will also capture a great silhouette image of your main subject.

Use your smartphone features

Many smartphones come with features that allow you to take good photos in different environments. Use grid lines to ensure your image is straight and properly aligned. Ensure also that the phone is set to its HDR mode, which will create more depth and improve image quality. Also, avoid zooming in to the sun as the image quality will decrease.

Use panorama to capture contrast and depth, which can include darker foregrounds and the colorful background. Play around with the smartphone features.

Edit the photos

Once your images are captured, the next magic happens in post. Play around with your photo editor until you create an image that you are proud to share with others. The editing can include removing lens flares, white balancing and color adjustment.

If taking photos is your hobby, sunset photos are a great way to capture dynamic images that can be soothing and captivating, especially if your phone isn’t very good in close-up photography.


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