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How to Tell if your GPU is Dying

by Roveen Anyango
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  • The Graphic Processing Unit is among the most important components in your PC
  • Good GPUs can run up to 10 years
  • Glitches, screen artifacts and crashing are some signs of GPU failure

The GPU or Graphics Processing Unit, is one of the most important components on your laptop. I know most of us associate it with gaming, but the GPU is responsible for rendering any images that come on your screen.

So, you might think that glitches in image processing is a sure sign of GPU failure, but it could also be assign of anything software-related. To diagnose GPU failure, you need to go deeper and here is how to tell.

1.    Computer crashes and refuses to reboot

When you are running an intensive game for example, or any other image-rendering activity that needs high graphics processing power, then the computer immediately crashes, then take note. If the monitor completely has no signal, and when rebooting, there is a loud beeping noise followed by such error codes, then you have your answer.

2.   Glitches on the screen

Image processing glitches could be any problem including GPU, but if you experience glitches even on the screen, such as screen tearing, stuttering or freezing on screen or weird colors on screen and not just images, then you are most likely having issues with the graphics card.

These glitches will likely get worse over time as the GPU deteriorates even further.

However, to rule out any screen issue, these shapes appear in different places. Often, when the screen has issues, the dots or lines will occur in the affected regions. If these shapes are random, then it’s is most likely a GPU issue.

3.   Significant Drop if FPS

When playing high-intensity games, you will often have the game tuned to high frames per second to run it smoothly. However, if you notice that the games you are playing are showing significant reduction in its FPS, then that is most likely a failing GPU. The GPU could be dropping the frames because it is having a difficult time running the higher FPS.

When you notice these signs and others, replace the GPU as soon as possible as it will get to appoint where you will be unable to use your computer.

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