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How to Use Tech for Effective Communication in Business

by Roveen Anyango
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Are you a business owner and want to improve communication in your business? Do you wonder how to use the available tech resources for your benefit?

Effective communication is a key pillar of entrepreneurship and is a critical component of running any company. You can have a great product or service, but if communication within the company is ineffective, the product or service will unlikely yield the success you want it to.

Below then, are ways in which you can use available tech to improve communication in your business.

Videos and WhatsApp messages

Traditionally, communication was often either in person or through email, with no regard for which medium was suited for the given information.

Now, however, tech advancement has meant that we have several ways to communicate exactly what we need depending on the platform.

Videoconferencing, for example, can help in passing a message directly to employees working remotely without running the risk of someone ‘not seeing’ your email or text.

WhatsApp messages also help in passing information directly, as people spend more time on the platform than on emails.

Web Portals

It is a communication tool critical for businesses because it optimizes communication from different platforms.

Web Portals collect information from different sources and turn them into a single user interface. It then provides the user with the relevant information in that context.

Portals can improve your business’s response to customer concerns and complaints while also letting you communicate with your employees effectively.

Scheduling systems

Scheduling systems are software designed to organize or arrange information according to relevancy so as to boost efficiency across various departments.

As a business, you want everyone to know what is expected of them and when they should complete their tasks. Software such as ServiceTitan help in scheduling. Not just office work but also keeping track of customer detail like call records, appointments, and such. This improves communication with the customer too.

System Integration

While it is tempting to try and pick one channel and optimize it, when it comes to tech, it becomes more advantageous to use several in tandem.

Companies that integrate their systems enjoy the full benefits of tech.  System integration allows for the various tech interfaces to communicate effectively and seamlessly with one another.

Tech, when used well, is going to transform many businesses worldwide and you shouldn’t be left behind.

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