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How to Use TikTok: Getting into the World’s Trendiest App

by Roveen Anyango
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Instagram and Twitter have held the spot as two of the world’s most popular apps for a long time. Until along came TikTok.

The Chinese App, which allows users to create short videos and have fun with edits, has been growing in popularity over the past few years. According to Global TikTok User Penetration Statistics, the app has 1 billion monthly users across 2021, 300 million more than it had in 2020.

Thus, as an internet user, you cannot avoid TikTok. But how do you use it, then? Below is a step-by-step guide.

Setting up your Profile

Once you have your TikTok app downloaded, you could quickly log in by connecting it to your Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter accounts. If not, you can then set up a standard user name and password if you don’t want it connected to your other social media.

Once you log in, you will be taken to the home page, where there will be trending videos. However, on the bottom right, you will see an outline of a head and shoulder. Click on it and edit your profile, which could either be a video or a photo. Also, select a bio. You can also put links to your other social media bios here.

Finding content

Once your profile is set, go back to the homepage, click on ‘Discover’ and begin to interact with trending content. You can also find people you know and follow them and have them follow you back. Like, comment, and share on videos you like so that you see more of them in your feed.

Creating your videos

But what is the fun of TikTok if you don’t take part?

So, to record your first TikTok video, look down at your homepage. At the center, you will see a ‘+’ button.

Click on it and it will open your camera. The camera will have icons on the screen that TikTok provides. You can then play around with the effects and other features such as recording speed, setting up a timer, adding a sound or filter, flip, and many more.

You can also upload a video recorded on your phone by clicking upload to the bottom right when you open the camera app.

You can check out ideas to try in your videos.

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