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How to Watch YouTube Together with Friends and Family

by Roveen Anyango
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Finding yourself in a position where you want to watch something with loved ones but without compromising your personal space is a tough ask. Having everyone crowding around your phone just isn’t appealing.

So, what is there that can help you watch YouTube videos with friends at the same time with each person watching it on their device?


Scener is majorly a movie synching software, but it can also work great in watching YouTube videos too. However, you must use Google Chrome so that you get the Scener extension.

Once opened, you can then invite a private watch party or open up the app for anyone in the room to join in the watch along.


SyncTube is a software with a simple interface but great for group watching. In SyncTube, you create a room and invite your friends into the room. You will then search for a video or paste a URL on the search bar, which automatically adds the video to the rooms watch list.

This app also allows you to control the privacy settings and user permission, meaning you can stop uninvited guests from joining, or stop people from skipping videos.


Another synchronizing app that works with other streaming services like Hulu, HBO, Netflix and Amazon, Twoseven can also be easily installed as an extension for Chrome to watch YouTube videos.

All you do is install the extension, then login and open YouTube. Here, the extension will then tell you supported videos. You will then click on the Twoseven extension icon and select the videos you want to watch with friends. The program will load the video into a Twoseven chatroom if you have it or create one. However, note that your friends will also need to create free accounts as well.


Watch2Gether doesn’t even require you to have an account!

This program simply lets you create a room in which you invite your friends into, then send a video URL from YouTube for them to watch. It also allows for synching video watching even in long-distances.

The software also offers other options like moderation which allows for better control.

Aside from the above, there are several other video synching programs for YouTube (and other video streaming services). Now you don’t have to miss the fun times with friends again.

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