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Internet of Behavior: The New Tech Changing the Business Environment

by Roveen Anyango
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We have all heard of the Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to the connectivity between various technological hardware through connective software. But have you heard of Internet of Behavior?

Internet of things (IoT) devices will often generate a large amount of data. With billions of IoT devices across the world, there is no shortage of data being transferred. However, what was in short supply was the manipulation of that data to understanding human behavior. In comes Internet of Behavior (IoB).

What is Internet of Behavior?

Internet of Behavior or IoB in short is an area of technological research which seeks to understand the psychology of the human mind in relation to technology. So, through bringing together data analysis, behavior analysis and technology, the system is the able to learn about and attempt to predict human behavior.

So, IoB refers to the technology which aims to understand how technology influences human behavior, and vice versa.

How IoB gathers data

IoB data will often be gathered from a very wide variety of sources, from household digital devices like your smart home security system, to wearable tech like smartwatches and human online activity.

The data gathered from these sources will then often be processed through different means and analyzed in relation to human psychology. This is so that they can look for patterns in the data (which represents pattern in behavior) and the use that data for a specific purpose.

Applications of IoB

Internet of Behavior is gaining use on various industries across the world including:

  • Digital marketing – Through analyzing a customer’s interaction with specific products, IoB can then help agencies and companies personalize adverts and search results based on what the data shows piques that customer’s interest the most. So, for example, if you work out with an Apple Watch, then the watch collects – your heartrate, cardiovascular activity, range of workout, could all help IoB then tailor adverts to help you more in your workout. So, perhaps you will get more adverts on gym trainers, equipment and such.
  • Healthcare – IoB can help healthcare providers keep up with patients’ suffering from chronic illnesses in real time. They can monitor for example, their blood levels, their heartrate, their reactions to certain medications and so on.
  • Policymaking – Governments can use IoB devices to track activities of people of interest. Or use them to undertake surveys and track behavioral patterns in the community for maintenance of law and order.

Future of IoB

With a lot of data collection and analysis being central to IoB, concerns about data privacy and invasiveness are definitely not unfounded. Therefore, for IoB to fully be embraced, these concerns will need to be addressed.


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