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Meet Rose Fina, one of African Women in Technology

by Roveen Anyango
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As a child, Rose had dreams of taking to the skies and becoming a pilot. Despite not making it to the skies, she still managed to work in the aviation industry through her tech skills being one of the women in technology.

So, what Tech skills are these?

“I am well versed in Data Analytics, Python/Java, Microsoft Suite (Advanced Excel), Project Management, Internet of Things, MS Sharepoint, RSI’S Article Writing and Research,” Rose says. Listing off a catalog of achievements that sound like one is reading through courses in Computer Programming.

Her work now is in project management.

Currently, in the project management track, she defines it as a way a person organizes and manages resources that are necessary to complete a project. In addition, Rose also takes time to empower women in technology by helping underprivileged children gain computer knowledge through the Malezi Technical Education Program.

Aside from it though, Rose also takes time to empower women in technology. Also, she helps underprivileged children gain computer knowledge through the Technical Education Program.

Utilizing her project management skills from scheduling, planning, and being intentional with her activities, Rose is a member of associations such as the Kenya museum society, American Women Association, and Rotary Club of Milimani where she makes a point to impact the members with technical support while differentiating between work, study and fun times.

As a single mother to a three-year-old girl, Rose indeed knows the value of a good work-life balance.

“I had to take a 10-month break from the industry to recollect myself and prepare adequately for her coming,” Rose revealed. “During that time, I continued to upskill and keep in touch with what was happening in the industry. I now make it a point to read, play and talk to my daughter every day and have quality time over the weekends.”

Yet, when back to work, the biases of the industry remain. But Rose has managed to take it in stride and kept working.

“The industry is of age and I have learnt to quickly adapt in a fast-paced environment,” she summarizes, attesting that age no longer has a bearing in the tech industry.

And why does she love this industry so much?

“Transferable skills,” Rose says, “Project management is a fantastic skill to have as it demands more from you but also helps you in other areas of your life. Transferrable skills such as planning, team leadership, and communication help future-proof your career and make you more marketable and versatile.”

For the young women entering into tech or any other male-dominated field, Rose has this to say,

“Always be clear on your ‘Why’ goals and be intentional with your actions. From finding the right mentors, upskilling, learning and unlearning, and constantly engaging in industry events or activities to voice your opinion.”

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