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Mobile App Trends That Will Dominate 2022 and Beyond

by Roveen Anyango
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Each year mobile app development takes a step further forward in the tech world. A new mark for technology is made with each app development.

With over 5 million apps currently on both Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, the incentive to innovate and stand out has never been greater. Therefore, there are trends in mobile app development that we should expect to become prominent from 2022 and beyond.

Augmented Reality

While augmented reality has yet to take off, this is not to say that companies aren’t working behind the scene to make it a reality.

Augmented reality involves overlaying information, whether visual, auditory, or sensory onto the real world to improve one’s experience. It can be a vital tool for retailers, who can use it to promote their products and services by providing their customers with an overlay of how it would benefit them. For example, a boutique can use augmented reality to fit clothes on potential clients before the client can buy.

Mobile app developers will likely jump on this to bridge the link between buyer and seller.

Apps Dependent on Blockchain

Blockchain technology, which is responsible for powering cryptocurrency, has been around for a while but has only been famous following the cryptocurrency craze.

However, blockchain has gained prominence because it offers a decentralized database. What this means is that there is no single entity that acts as a gatekeeper for storing data.

For app developers, this will mean that no one person will be able to access and modify the database and access sensitive information of users. It would make mobile apps more secure.

Low Code App Development

During the early days of the smartphone, even a relatively straightforward app needed developers to write long code.

However, with an increase in demand for apps as smartphones also increase, the app development world has become more user-friendly, with developers no longer needing to spend months writing app codes.

No doubt that 2022 and beyond, will see a boom in the use of low code app development technology as demand for apps increases further.

More use of Instant Apps

Instant apps allow users to test a small part of any app before downloading it on their phone. While still not prominent for many people, there is a high likelihood of it picking up pace from 2022 and beyond.

Right now, many apps doing the same function are competing for our attention. Thus, we often want the best app for use. Instant apps will no doubt grow into the mainstream as more people begin to try out different apps before settling on the best for them, rather than the trial and error method now.

Soon enough, it could become a standard for all new apps. Which would need to do their best to make a good first impression.

While in no way conclusive, the above are mobile app trends you can look out for in 2022. It will be an exciting tech year.

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