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Most Innovative Tech Products of 2022

by Roveen Anyango
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There is often very little to distinguish many tech products in their respective categories. Many of the items will often have similar or close to similar designs, be close to similar in performance and function just about the same.

Thus, when something truly stands out, we tend to pause and take notice. Below, we look at some of the tech products that caught our attention simply because of how ‘outrageous’ they are. They do not need to be the best in their category, they just need to stand out in one way or another.

Smartphone – Nothing Phone

Teasers of the Nothing Phone began to circulate around the webs in 2021 but no one would have imagined that the company would go ahead and actually do it. Except, the Nothing Company did go out and do it.

While the Nothing Phone is does not offer the most bleeding edge tech performances, and does it have the best cameras or Geekscore numbers, its unique design was something never seen before. The LED lights at the back which could be tuned up for any function that you would like were truly something innovative and outstanding. Whether that design will catch on is another story, but no doubt the Nothing phone captured our imagination with that design.

Laptop – Dell XPS 13

The new Dell XPS 13 currently holds the distinction of being the world’s thinnest laptop, measuring in at just 0.55 inches in height when closed.

Made from aluminum, the sleek design of the Dell XPS means that the laptop is very light and quiet portable. It also has a good battery life for its size.

However, the slim design did come at a cost. The laptop only has two USB-C ports (Thunderbolt 4). The keyboard also covers all ends of the laptop, so say good bye to the beauty of the island keyboard.

So, in terms of design, it definitely looks innovative. In performance though, it is…fine.

Gaming Monitor – Samsung Odyssey 55 inch

There is not much innovation when it comes to monitors, but Samsung definitely tried with their 55-inch monster monitor called the Odyssey. The monitor came with a large curved 55-inch screen. The Odyssey was nothing special in terms of features, but it more than made up for it in its sheer size and its cockpit mode, which allowed it to be able toi turn vertically on its stand.

All this, however, came at a hefty price – $ 3500 – and for many, the two outstanding features are just not enough innovations to justify that large amount.

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