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Must Have Apps for a Great Windows 10 Experience

by Roveen Anyango
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Windows 10 is one of the most innovative apps to have come out of Microsoft and was the perfect follow-up to the disappointing Windows 8 and 8.1.

However, while the OS has much of what you would need, adding some more smart apps can make the experience better, improve efficiency and make your laptop more fun to use.

So, below are some apps to enhance your Windows 10 experience.

VLC Media Player

The windows media player is fine on its own, but the VLC Media Player enhances your media playing to another level.

The app supports all media formats and comes with even more plugins for further customization. Aside from that, VLC lets you ramp up the volume up to 200%, manage playlists, download and manage subtitles and much more. All while its free!


Taking screenshot has become a common part of our life with our devices now, but the screenshot feature on Windows is somewhat limited.

Greenshot, however, gives you different styles to take screenshots and save them easily and even share them. The customizable app lets you take screenshots of any window, region or even full screen. You can even take a scroll screenshot.

One Commander

Managing files on your compute can become hard after a while, especially when you work a lot on it and accrue files fast. Windows File Explorer is the app for this task from Windows, but it’s not the best tool.

Enter One Commander. One Commander is an update on task management, providing you with dual pane browsing, and also has tabs for easier navigation. It also has editable themes for a more customized feel.

Its tabs and dual view also lets you view all your folders, files, drives and sub-folders neatly.


Privacy and security are essential when working on our machines and Encrypto adds an extra layer of protection when sending files on your PC.

Encrypto lets you add an extra layer of security to a file before sending, making it impossible for any malware to decipher what’s in the document. All you do is drop the file/folder into the Encrypto software, set a password and send it.

The file will be saved as .crypto. The other recipient, however, will need to also have Encrypto to open the file. As for the password, you can include an embedded hint for the recipient. Furthermore, it is compatible with MacOS so you can send to your friends with MacBooks.

These apps, and many more, make the Windows 10 experience better, more fun and more secure. So, try them out.

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