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Must Have Apps for Collaborations if You are an Influencer

by Roveen Anyango
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The influencer sphere has completely transformed the online experience, with many people levering their huge following to earn an income. Both millennials and Gen Z are increasingly turning to influencing as part of their income stream as more and more jobs dry up in the formal world.

And to further increase your chances of landing collaborations with brands, several apps have been developed. Below are some to consider if you want to get into influencing.


We start off with an app that straight away tells you what it does. Collabor8 allows direct communication between you the influencer and the brand, rather than simply being the middleman.

The app also gives free trial for the influencer and their brand, testing the platform and figuring out the best fit for you. Additionally, it serves all kinds of influencers, from micro-influencers will as few as 2,000 followers to mega influencers with millions.

However, the downside of this app is that its pricing is quite high.


This app is for those influencers with a knack for product reviews as it offers access to over 500 brands and a 60% discount on products. This allows you as the influencer to give first-hand experience of the product, including an honest opinion on the product. You then earn based on recommendations.


One of the oldest apps around, IZEA helps brand connect with the right influencer to create content for them.

As an influencer, joining the app means that you then need to crate engaging content so that you are more visible to the brands on the apps, giving you a chance to negotiate deals with the brands.

Its main downside is that, as one of the oldest apps around, it can be quite complex to navigate through, needing a steep learning curve on your part.


MNFST (Manifest in full) is different from the other apps in that, rather than the app connecting you with brands, it instead, pays you to post content on your social media platforms.

After downloading the app and registering, you then connect it with your Twitter and Instagram accounts (the only two social media pass it works with). After that, MNFST will then give you social capital score which is based on follower count, engagements on your posts, how often you post and engage with others and other metrics.

These and other apps help make the social media influencing gig much easier and more likely to pay off; so take advantage.

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