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Must-Have Apps for Your New PC: How to Make Your PC Great

by Roveen Anyango
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Getting a new PC is always fun until it gets time to load apps onto it. Unlike our phones, it is often difficult to load new apps on the PC since you may not be completely aware of what apps perform best.

Below, we look at some apps you can load on your PC immediately after buying.


Many PCs will often come with some security software installed to the OS, but many times, this software will be a little weak, and thus, you need to add on much more secure anti-virus software.

There are several choices to select from but remember to keep in mind three crucial factors for anti-virus: Malware protection, anti-theft, and password protection.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage refers to a mode of computer data storage in which the data, rather than being stored in your computer’s harddrive or SSD, is stored in off-site servers, servers that a third party maintains.

It might not seem necessary if your laptop has big storage, but rather than think of just storage space being an issue, think of the security that comes with it. You do not risk losing your data if the computer crashes or if you lose the laptop. You log into your account on another device and access your data.

I would recommend Google Drive, which not only offers storage but also makes it easier to share or transfer files. With Google Drive, you get 15 GB of free storage (you must buy any extra space).

Music and movie streaming apps

Not too long ago, laptops would fill up with music and movies because you would need to download them so that you could watch them. Not anymore.

Now, rather than think of which movies or music to download, how about downloading a music or movie streaming service on a PC? Many of your favorite streaming services have PC versions for their apps.

Spotify for your music will be great, especially regarding its intuitive algorithm that generates your playlists. For movies, Hulu, Netflix, or Tubi should be of use. That way, you don’t fill up precious space in your PC.

Photo editor

No, you don’t need the latest photo editor on your PC, especially one that will slow down your PC, but you still need to have at least a basic image editor. This editor will come in handy in retouching old photos, creating small effects on the images, cropping out unwanted parts, or blurring out sensitive details.

Whatever the case, you need one. Paint.NET is one such app. It is much more powerful than Microsoft Paint but is also basic enough for your everyday notebook.

Your PC doesn’t have to be boring, filled only with MS Word or MS Office. Play around with different apps for different tasks for the best results and a more customized feel.

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