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Personal Responsibility: How to Embrace its Qualities

by Roveen Anyango
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We have all heard about taking personal responsibilities. This refers to your willingness to take full consequences for your actions and decisions. It means that you acknowledge the repercussions of your actions.

Many of us struggle with this. We often find ways to deflect, shift blame or outright deny that our actions had an unintended outcome. This way of behaving can make us seem like we do not care about others.

To show you care, here are qualities of personal responsibilities you should embrace.

Strong communication skills

Taking responsibility means knowing how to communicate about what you are responsible for. Rather than make assumptions if expectations are clear, seek clarity so that you won’t make a mistake and blame it on the other party.

Communication also involves seeking feedback. If your actions haven’t been successful, seek to know where you can improve.

Own your decisions

While our decisions could have outside mitigating factors, ultimately, the buck of the choices we make rest with us.

So, if you decide to do something, own your decisions. Acknowledge the fact that what you chose had a part to play in the outcome. And this is often applicable if your actions did not have the desired outcome. It’s easier to try and deflect our role in an outcome when the outcome is negative. But taking personal responsibility means owning the decision you took and hoping to learn from the experience.

Minimize complaining

Yes, things don’t always go according to plan, but complaining and whining are two traits which often show a lack of personal responsibility.

Once again, while outside factors might contribute to things not working out, excessive complaining, rather than trying to find out why things didn’t work out, is a way of deflecting responsibility. I say excessive complaining because complaining, when done well, does have some benefits. Instead of whining, identify things within your control that you can improve and influence and work on those. You can then communicate to others about things beyond your control.

Be intentional

Your actions shape every outcome, thus, be intentional with how you act. If you cannot bear the consequences of certain outcomes, then don’t act in ways that will lead to said consequences. For example, if you are not ready to bear the long nights and long days of entrepreneurship, then don’t get into entrepreneurship.

Instead, let your actions be based on intentionality – the power to consciously do things on purpose.

Personal responsibility not only helps you build yourself up for future success, it also helps improve your mental wellness. You no longer depend on others to provide you with fulfillment.

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