Phone Review: Vivo V23 – A Decent Middler That Could Have Been Better

There is no denying that modern mid-range devices are becoming more and more capable, both in design and specs. This is a far cry from old mid-range and low cost devices that were just – functional at best.

However, the downside to mid-rangers is that more often, there will always be compromises at one point or another. A phone packed with great chip could have disappointing cameras. A phone with great cameras could have a disappointing software. The reality is that the price has to be cut somewhere. If not, then the full experience would make the phone much costlier.

And this is true of the Vivo V23.

Pros of the V23

Storage, battery and screen

The Vivo V23 offers storage of up to 256 GB packed in a 6.44 inch AMOLED Display with a respectable 90Hz refresher rate – meaning scrolling is almost completely smooth.

You also get up to 12 GB RAM, with this 12GB the costliest of all variants, at $500.

The phone comes with a 4200 mAh battery, enough for a full-day usage.

Selfie camera

However, the defining feature for the Vivo V23 is the dual selfie camera. The phone features a 50 MP selfie camera and an 8 MP wide-angle. The two lenses combine to make the selfie of the V23 among the best in the game, creating punchy and bright images, though it struggles in low light – even in night mode.

The phone is built with a neat colour-changing back glass, which can be a great asset if you are the flashy kind.


The phone packs a mid-range MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G chipset, which, while not high end, enables the phone carry out daily functions without much hiccup. The phone is smooth with very little lag. However, it struggles under more high-end tasks, like heavy mobile gaming.


The first major disappointment of the V23 is its back cameras. While the camera set-up is great visually, and the selfie cameras are up there with the best, the back cameras are a little disappointing.

The cameras (a 64 MP main, 8 MP wide-angel and 2 MP macro-lenses) are good but not astounding. Indeed, many phones of this price produce photo qualities of a similar kind.

Even then, though, for the casual user, the photos will be more than satisfactory so that’s not exactly a bid disadvantage.


The Vivo V23 ( detailed review here) with its Android 12 is enough for your everyday functions and some casual gaming here and there. So, if you want a phone that will function flawlessly in daily tasks, while also looking sleek in an aluminum and glass body, then the Vivo V23 is an excellent pick.

4 stars out of 5.

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