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Home Technology Planning to Buy an OLED TV? Here is How to go About it

Planning to Buy an OLED TV? Here is How to go About it

by Roveen Anyango
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When looking for a TV, you will often get recommendations to buy OLED TVs, especially if you want a full home-theatre experience.

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode and is an organic display based on individual pixels that light themselves, rather than depend on a backlight at the back of the TV. In black colors, the pixels don’t light at all. So, what this means is that with an OLED display, you get more vibrant colors and great contrast ratios. OLED TVs also have wider viewing angles and do not have what is called light bleed as some backlit TVs. Therefore, even when on but blank, OLED TVs will not have light seeping into the room since the pixels are completely black.

So, what are the considerations when buying an OLED screen?

Brightness levels

A major downside of OLED screens is that they will often not be as bright as the backlit screens like QLED. However, in recent years, development in tech means that more modern OLED screens can get really bright. The average brightness level for TV viewing is 400-500 nits, so if you can find an OLED screen that hits between 700-1000 nits, you are well set.

Home space and screen size

Currently, many OLED TVs come at 55 inches and above (though some companies go up to 42 inches) to maximize on their vibrant color display and make their contrast ratios more visible. Thus, if you have a large space in your room, then you will enjoy the OLED TV. The screen will best be viewed at about five feet away or more. Furthermore, in a larger room, a larger TV will be essential for providing great viewing angles. Also ensure the room that the OLED screen will sit at is not too bright.

Sound quality

Because OLED TVs are made with image processing in mind, they might come with mediocre speakers. This might not be a problem if you have a good Bluetooth speaker or soundbar with you, but if you are not willing to spend more on additional speakers, then choose an OLED TV which also has good speakers.

You can tell this by listening to how far the TV projects while in the showroom. If possible, ask to raise the volume then step back a few feet. If its loud enough for you there, then it will be loud enough for the smaller and more confined spaces of your home.

Once at home, you will never regret buying an OLED TV, especially those will extra features. From image quality to sound, you will be sorted and the TV will last you for long as long they are well-maintained.

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