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Reasons why you may be stressed

by Evalyne Ndanu
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The best diagnosis you can receive is the root cause of the problem. To effectively tackle a problem, you need to identify its root cause. Yes you are stressed, but how did you get here?

Is there something that can be done to reduce if not eliminate the stress you experience? Here are some reasons why you may be stressed.


Perfectionism is when individuals hold themselves to impossible high standards. Sometimes, they also expect the same high standards from those around them. Yes perfectionism means doing our best but it means striving for flawlessness and being perfect.

The downside is that as humans we are flawed. Reaching for perfectionism is a reason why you may be stressed. It makes me feel inadequate. When someone is too focused on perfectionism, they may begin seeing themselves as if they are failing. This causes a lot of mental stress to the individual and to those around them.

Perfectionism additionally is time consuming, draining and sups out all the energy to engage in other productive ventures. There is need to embrace the flaws and mistakes to avoid being stressed by perfectionism.


Reduced Human Contact

Especially with the Covid Pandemic, most of the population embraced working from home. This meant less Human Contact. Even outside Covid, reduced Human Contact may be among the reasons why you are stressed. Strained relationships may be also a reason why you are stressed.

We are created as social beings. We were created for relationships, otherwise you would be alone in the world. Reduced Human Contact takes us away from ourselves. Whether extroverted on introverted, there is need for human interaction. We desire to be loved to be known and to be understood.

If this contact and relationships are missing then we are most likely to become stressed. Here are some apps to help with finding your friends.

Lack of Vision

A vision gives you a sense of direction. It gives you purpose and meaning. It gives you hope and encourages you in this journey of life. Without it things may become meaningless and pointless.

A life without hope is no life. There is no passion and fuel to drive you anymore. You don’t have the strength to wake up every morning and give your best shot. Things begin to pile up, and especially things that you have zero motivation for. Then stress kicks in because you are unable to deliver and the thing is time waits for none of us to fix ourselves.

Here are some tips to get things when you have no motivation.


Overthinking and problem solving are two different things. It is dwelling on the problem. It is when you keep magnifying the problem and how bad it makes you feel without considering any possible solutions.

A futile activity that keeps our mind engaged while not actually producing any tangible results, this is overthinking. Here are some signs that you may be an over thinker. Overthinking pushes us to brood even over things we have no control over. It destabilises us and changes nothing.

Instead of overthinking, go for problem solving. Find solutions to the problems instead and implement them.

healthy living

Lack of enough sleep and healthy food

While many of us may be aware of the importance of enough sleep and healthy food, we still aren’t incorporating them into our daily lives. And this among the reasons why you may be stressed.

When you are not eating healthy food, you are denying you body and your brain the necessary nutrients they need for growth. The body is straining and this added to lack of enough sleep means you are only surviving. Your moods and entire well being is compromised.

Additionally lack of exercise and movement may be a contributing factor to your stress.


Change is the only constant thing. It is necessary. We cannot do aware with change, it is there to be embraced. Of importance is to become aware that change is happening around you and that as your physical, emotional and psychological self is adjusting to the change.

Change can look like changing jobs, getting a promotion, getting married or getting babies, travelling within and outside your country, learning a new language and culture. Even moving out is change, you are adjusting to the new aspects and environment.

Be kind and patient to yourself when you are going through change. You have the potential to adjust to the new environment. It may take time but will work out.

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