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RockIT Women: A Launchpad for Women in Technology

by Roveen Anyango
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Excelling in technology for women continues to depend largely on mentorship programs and many of the continue to do a great job in getting more women into tech.

Among these awesome programs is RockIT Women. Sahnnon Fehr, who is the CEO and Founder of RockIT Women, started the program in 2019 as a Launchpad to help women get into and excel in all facets of technology.

“RockIT Women began as a way for women to finally say ‘I was not the only woman in the room!’”, says the RockIT Women website, “There are many brilliant women in technology but often they don’t have a voice because strength is greater in numbers and they are outnumbered.”

Mentorship Program

RockIT Women mentorship program aims to involve more women in technology through three major objectives:

  1. Creating a platform for motivated young women to connect with senior women leaders in tech and learn from them.
  2. Create a collaborative and inspirational space where women can develop personal and leadership skills through formal networking programs or even informal mentorship meetups.
  3. Award participants of the program certificate of participation and journal completion. The participant will also get a potential LinkedIn recommendation by the mentor, thus helping them to get going in the tech world.

It considers itself as a place where women go to excel in their careers in IT and through their training, support and connections, they help these women get closer to their goals. Aside from that, they also aim to close the gender gap and provide young girls with aspirational role models in technology that they can look up to when they are interested in the field.

The intake at RockIT Women is currently over, but you can become a member and get to attend their events, where you will meet other women in tech.

RockIT Women is an important addition to the tech world for women, another platform for women to build their tech careers.

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