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Secrets on How to Keep your Employees Happy at Work

by Roveen Anyango
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For the longest time, employee happiness was often something that not many employees considered. Changing cultures around work means that as an entrepreneur, you must prioritize making your employees happy so that they enjoy working for you.

So, below then, we look at some ways that as an employee you can keep your team motivated.

Prioritize work-life balance

It is not at all unusual for many employers to keep their employees at work for more hours than needed, often with little extra compensation.

To keep employees happy, create a working environment that allows them to have proper work-life balance. Provide vacations from time to time, release them earlier than usual on Fridays for example, make work hours flexible etc. That way, you get a team that enjoys working since they also get enough time to do other things in their lives.

Recognize progress

Many employees will often start out making a lot of mistakes or perhaps not be as productive. When your employees show signs of development and progress, pause and highlight the milestones that they have reached. Ensure that they feel seen for their efforts.

This means understanding each employees’ unique strengths and weaknesses that they overcame. Thus, simply saying ‘good job’ will not cut. Personalize the recognition. “Hey (insert name), I am pleased that you managed to improve on your communication/productivity. That is great effort on your part and that makes you an invaluable part of this company” goes a long way.

Be transparent and honest

Speaking openly to employees and giving honest feedback are critical in making the employees feel valued.

Speak openly about your expectations, about things you have learned, about how to address issues. And on the other side, be open with your feedback to employees. Gently let them know where they go wrong and how they can improve. This open communication helps make the employees feel like they belong.

Compensate them well

It goes without saying that people want to feel like they belong, but they also work so that they can meet their personal needs.

Therefore, it is crucial that you pay your employees well so that they feel happy to belong to your company/business. Every other thing in this list will often satisfy an employee up to a certain point. If they then get to a point of being unable to meet their needs, it won’t matter what you do; if you fail to pay them adequately, they will become demoralized and might quit on you.

Employees are a critical part of any large business and thus, them being happy is a direct contributor to the good performance of the business. This is why it is critical to hire the right one.

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