Should You Consider a No-brand Android Phone?

We often have very little doubts when buying established brands such as iPhones, Samsung, OnePlus and so on. However, tunnel vision might make it seem as though these are the only options we have.

Truth is, we have a lot more options, many of them are affordable brands, like Infinix or Tecno while others are no-brand smartphones. Sites like Amazon and AliExpress, provide you will no-brand smartphone options you have never encountered. But are they worth it?


Well, some of these no-brand phones can provide you value for money. One thing you always need to remember is that established brands charge you for their brand name too, and this in turn makes their phones more expensive.

No-brand phones meanwhile, will be manufactured in the mold of established brands but without the brand, or with little-known branding. So, you can get a phone will specs to rival a flagship like Samsung but at a cheaper price.

But there is a catch; there is always a catch.

Lack of support

Since the phones are not manufactured in large numbers, their testing process might be poor and you are more likely to find defective units here than you would in branded android phones.

Furthermore, the lack of a centralized company to provide software support means that, in the event anything goes wrong, the phone is a brick. Security updates are also a concern, meaning you are more susceptible to malware attacks.

The same is true for physical defects. If you break the screen, or charging port, or simply want to replace the battery, you will have a hard time finding the replacement parts, once again, leaving you with a brick in hand.

So, is it worth it?

Well, if you are simply looking for a second phone, or just want a cheaper alternative to take with you, say in concerts or events where theft is more likely to occur, then no-brand phones are perfect. They provide you will a proper android experience with premium features for a low price.

However, always ensure you do your proper research beforehand.

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