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Signs That It is Time to Buy a New Laptop

by Roveen Anyango
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The advantages of investing in a new laptop are manifold – from its peak performance and superior keyboard to its long-lasting battery life, impressive graphics, and top-notch software.

But after using it for a few years, you begin to experience faults and creaks. You try to sort out some of these issues. But how do you know it is time to give up the machine for something new?

Here are some signs that it is time to buy a new laptop.

Laptop No Longer Supports Software Updates

Your laptop will often support software updates for several years after the date of manufacture.

However, at some point, the laptop might not meet the specific requirements for a newer update. This could be physically or even in terms of software. For example, for Windows 11, your laptop will need Secure Boot capability and be equipped with Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Therefore, if you find that your laptop displays the fact that it doesn’t meet the requirements for a new software update, it might be time to change it.

Device Struggles with Its Intended Purpose

We all buy our laptops for different purposes, so if the computer can no longer function as intended, then it might be time to change it.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing with the laptop. If it cannot function optimally, it is time to change it. For example, it might be time to change if your laptop lags and overheats on some basic browsing.

Overheating is Constant

Laptops overheat from time to time, especially when under strain. However, when new, they can cool down and function optimally.

However, if this ability to cool down is reduced and almost non-existent, even under a relatively minor task load, then that could be a sign that it needs to change.

Long Boot Up and Shut Down Time

If your PC begins to take forever to boot up or shut down, it could be a sign that it needs replacing.

Here are more signs that you should replace your PC. For a better analysis, check whether three more of these signs are present.

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