Simple Actions to Improve Your Online Security

Simple Actions to Improve Your Online Security

Are you worried about your online security? Are you concerned that the interconnected nature of devices now is making you give up too much information and want to improve security?

There is no doubt that tech is making the times we live in more thrilling, but, in the same breath, it is also a lot more terrifying due to the amount of personal information we need to give out to access these conveniences.

Below, we look at some actions you can take to secure your online presence much more.

Install an antivirus and update it

Antivirus is known to fight software viruses; but many also come with the ability to protect against other kinds of malware, such as ransomware, which steal your private information.

Now, while most computers and phones come with inbuilt antivirus, most third-party antivirus offers much better services. So, check frequently and keep the antivirus updated to keep the security firmware always up to date.

Use unique passwords

I know, coming up with new passwords for every login is tedious. Especially considering how everything now needs us to log in.

However, unique passwords are a way of ensuring that even if hackers manage to hack your email provider and have access to your data, they can’t access your other logins easily. They could try to use the same username and password combination that they have to log in to other platforms you have logged in to. This could include your banking and online shopping sites.

But you won’t even need to come up with unique passwords for each login. Many antiviruses come with a password manager you can use. With the password manager, you will only get to remember the master password which holds all your passwords.


VPN stands for the virtual private network. The VPN encrypts your internet data by running it through a server owned by the VPN company, rather than the owner of the Wi-Fi you are using. This prevents the Wi-Fi owner from snooping into your data.

Additionally, VPN also hides your IP address; anyone that wants to track you through the IP address only gets redirected to the VPN company’s IP address. This means you can’t be targeted by hackers or conniving advertisers.

Staying safe on the internet has never been more critical, what with almost everybody now being connected. Thus, safety online needs to be a priority.

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