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Smart Tips on How to Prep for Thanksgiving

by Roveen Anyango
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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the hype has never been greater!

Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada where they celebrate the harvest and other successes of the past year. The holiday has spread across the world and though not as popular as Christmas, it is fast gaining wide acceptance.

However, as with any other major holiday, preparing for it needs to be spot on or else you will have a failed dinner in your hands.

Below then, are some tips on how to prep and not get caught flat-footed.

Put your Guest List together beforehand

Thanksgiving needs to be celebrated with others and thus, to ensure you get the number of guests you can handle, put together a guest list beforehand. You could give priority to people who have had a rough year and need that extra loving.

Of course, with the pandemic around, you will need to keep the list short too to avoid crowding.

Shop ahead


Once you have your list set, shop ahead. You could purchase non-perishable foods a few weeks before, then shop for groceries a few days before. This will allow you to streamline your cooking process shortly before D-day.

Prepare meals early

Once you have your shopping ready, prepare your meals early. If you can prep the food days before then freeze them in the freezer, do it. Then, come D-day, all you will have to do is pull them from the freezer, warm it and it is ready to serve.

Also, while at it, check your kitchenware. Do you have enough glasses and dinnerware? Do you have enough linen for everyone?

Plan the sitting arrangement

You will need to know where everyone will seat. Think of how much space you need and whether you will need to rent more chairs or tables. Consider where children will sit and play too.


Don’t forget to prep the turkey!

You can prep your turkey one or even two days in advance. Prepping the turkey for thanksgiving is a time-consuming process and thus, you could roast it for several hours, days before thanksgiving, let it rest then carve it. You could season it too then let it sit in the fridge and then stuff it after it thaws at room temperature the day before thanksgiving.

All in all, as with any other holiday, planning is key in throwing a memorable thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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