Trends in Technology

What will tech bring to the world in 2022?
Technology is aggressively taking the world! With almost daily new inventions and improvements to older tech, it has become an unstoppable force.
Although technology takes time to design, create, and perfect, when done to make life better, it is a blessing. Here are some technology trends to look out for in 2022;

1. Intensive Online Shopping
Online shopping in itself was indeed a revolutionary concept! The effect of it was a blessing during the recent worldwide lock-down as the COVID19 pandemic hit us! From buying groceries to clothes and gadgets delivered straight to your door with the click of a button was such a joy.
Online shopping 2022 will birth better augmented reality (AR). Vendors will now offer better realistic 3D models of products, allowing potential buyers to see the item as if they had it in their hands before purchasing it. Not only will this provide a more accurate sample of the product you’re looking to purchase, but it’ll also encourage people to buy the things they weren’t so sure about.



2. 5G Becoming Mainstream
If there’s one thing that we need to make technology better, it is need for speed. For technology to evolve in the shortest time, we need faster internet speeds. The 4K content available on streaming platforms such as YouTube… they all need faster and more reliable internet. Not to mention, the dream of doubling the 4K into 8K is becoming a reality.
The coming of 5G is for advancing the delivering of 20Gbps at its peak where 4G may have had struggle.
Globally, 5G connections will be tripled beyond 1,000 million in 2022. For countries at the edge of IT advancement, there is a likelihood of having full 5G coverage just as the so called third world will also advance here.

3. Worldwide AI in everything
Artificial intelligence – AI is set to become better in 2022. More and more people are expecting their needs to be met on websites and using gadgets, AI advancement in 2022 will make such expectations attainable.
We’re yet to witness an explosion and influx of high AI-powered gadgets, apps, websites, and tools in 2022. It is likely to become too hard to differentiate chat-bots from human customer support agents. This means that even the content recommendations on social media and streaming websites are likely to come from a high AI powered center rather than current traditional data analysis.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

4. Virtual Reality for Everyone
With more affordable technology, smart AI, and faster internet with 5G, Virtual Reality (VR) will become more widely available and more realistic than ever. You can expect to see VR implemented in areas outside of entertainment.
Researchers, students, tourists and medical professionals can use VR to learn more about abstract and complex topics. Similarly, distant workers are to use VR to participate in virtual meetings and engage in the work culture. Therefore advancement of AI powerful gadgets, computers, and cutting-edge photography and animation tech can aid in the era of having realistic 3D images and video content.

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