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Technovation: For the Girls Looking to Change Their Communities Through Technology

by Roveen Anyango
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Technology has the potential to be a major difference maker for many of us, and Technovation is one organization that is taking this tech potential very seriously.

Through its Technovation Girls program, the organization aims to help young girls into tech and want to use it to improve their communities and find the mentorship and support they need to make those dreams a reality.

What Technovation does

Technovation is supported by a network of mentors, ambassadors, volunteers, and parents to help young girls worldwide solve problems within their communities using tech. Some issues that the Technovation Girls team tackles include climate change, poverty, women’s equality, and domestic violence, among others.

When a girl joins Technovation Girls, they are taught coding and are taught to build a mobile app or build an AI project which solves a problem they care about.

Technovation impacts

Since its inception in 2010, the program has touched over 39,000 girls from over 100 countries. All of these girls have created apps to solve problems within their communities. They have achieved this through help from over 1,700 people who are part of the Technovation team, including many volunteer mentors.

Technovation says that its program helps girls develop an interest in tech even when they previously had no interest in it.

“Students express greater interest in technology and leadership after participating in our program, and 58% of our alumni enroll in more computer science courses after Technovation,” says their website.

Many alumni of the program often go on to start their own businesses, build a network that lets them be present at prestigious events, meet world leaders, and even come back as mentors and teach other girls at Technovation Girls.

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