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The African Women In Technology Host The Blockchain/ Crypto Conference July 6-8

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Nairobi to Host African Women in Technology Blockchain Conference in July

About AWIT Blockchain Conference

It is our pleasure to announce the African Women in Technology Blockchain Conference scheduled to take place on July 6-8, 2022 in Nairobi, Kenya, as a hybrid event including on-site attendance in line with social distancing regulations and an event livestream. This conference will bring together a wide network of regional and global blockchain and crypto professionals and experts, entrepreneurs and major industry executives for 3 days of top-level content and discussion covering in current trends Blockchain, Bitcoin, DeFi, NFTs, CBDCs, Metaverse, Crypto Assets, Cyber Security & Cloud, AI and Big data and many more. The Conference is organised by African Women in Tech (AWIT) and sponsored by SAP Women in Technology with the aim of educating African women on the myriads of opportunities in the blockchain space giving them the opportunity to learn, acquire skills and creatively solve problems through innovation.

I would always push women towards more of learning the datasets behind anything that they’re trying to build, get information on it and, if you don’t have it, let’s talk with partnership organisations to see what information they may have. And if they still don’t have it, this is where you come in to build a solution that incorporates some of that.” Ms. Anie Akpe the founder of African Women in Tech (AWIT).

Africa has a lot of talent and potential; the problem remains in offering the right resources for young people to explore and grow. When it comes to young women especially, we see a structure that a lot of the time doesn’t play in their favor, but these young women are representing half of Africa’s population, therefore they need to be onboard with tech and innovation so the continent as a whole can excel. Without their equal representation in tech, how can we expect Africa to develop into the powerhouse it truly is? Sarah Borda, Project Manager, Office of the CEO, SAP

Our carefully designed agenda will feature keynotes, presentations, panels, exhibitions, pitches and career talks which provides attendees with a unique opportunity to interact, comment, share their views & opinions, discuss and understand trends and discover opportunities.

To register for for the conference, click here. Or visit here to find more information about the event.

About AWIT

African Women in Technology event series, a product of IBOM LLC, was born out of a desire to connect, educate and empower women who are determined to advance their tech careers. We are dedicated to providing opportunities and a safe space for women to grow and lead in the tech space.

IBOM LLC has served small business owners in for over 7 years. The main focus is to educate Africans in the Diaspora, by hosting tech events and educational seminars to small and medium sized businesses.

In a global expansion movement, IBOM LLC, along with its business partners, is continuing its mission to educate the African community by hosting the African Women in Tech events in countries across Africa.

About SAP Women in Tech

SAP Women in Tech is a cross-board initiative which aims to inspire and enlighten all women at SAP to become more visible by providing a network, support, and a platform to demonstrate business expertise to a broad audience. In addition to that the initiative seeks to inspire women with all trainings and professional backgrounds to join the tech industry, so that in 2030 they will look back at today and feel astonishment that it wasn’t completely natural for women to work at SAP

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