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The Best Anti-Theft Features for Your Android Device

by Roveen Anyango
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The reality of the world we live in now is that our smartphones are hot fodder for thieves. Therefore, no matter how much you do not wish to think about your phone getting stolen, you need to think of that possibility so that you take preventive measures.

Below are some of the options that help you find any android device if it gets stolen or you lose it.

Find My Device

This anti-theft app is built by Google and is one of the best security features. The device lets you remotely lock your phone, wipe out its content and even sign out of your device. The app also provides you with your phone’s location on a map and even lets you call it.

To check if your Find My Device app is enabled, go to Settings>Google>Security and then tap Find My Device.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee provides mobile security against viruses and malware, but it also has anti-theft features on its Android app.

Its anti-theft feature includes a thief cam, a device lock security and app uninstallation protection. It also has a find-my-phone feature which lets you see your phone’s location in real time and sound an alarm remotely. You can also enable a step-by-step location tracking.


Cerberus is a well-known third-party anti-theft Android app with automatic alerts, remote control through text message and remote control through the web portal.

The app locates and tracks your phone, locks your device and sets off an alarm and wipes all your phone’s memory

It also secretly takes photos and videos of anyone who has the phone and uploads them to the cloud so that you see them and even lets you speak through the phone’s speaker.

Anti-theft Alarm

This is a very simple anti-theft alarm which, while it lacks the complexity of the others on this list, acts as an effective thief deterrent.

The app sets of a loud alarm in certain circumstances, for example, if someone removes it from where you put it or if they change the sim card. You can also set it off remotely when you realize someone has stolen it.

The alarm sounds even if the device is silent and will keep ringing each time they turn it off or on, until a password is put.

The above and many more are great apps that aim to discourage theft of your phones. While they might not prevent it, they sure make thieves think twice before stealing.

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