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The WIT Next Level UpTM Mentoring Program: Taking Women’s Presence in Tech Next Level

by Roveen Anyango
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Whenever we talk of or think about mentorship programs for women in technology, there is often the belief that many focus on getting women into the technological space and the work is done. But that is not true for Women in Technology TM.

Through The Next Level UpTM Mentoring Program, WIT aims to not only encourage women to get into the industry, it also aims to help women advance in their careers in technology.

“The Next Level UpTM Mentoring Program is a unique program focused on high potential women talent, inclucing young professionals, who are seeking to cultivate their careers and capacity as leaders,” reads an excerpt from their website.

So, not only does this program seek to get women into tech, they also help women build their own powerful networks, improve professional relations between women getting into tech and those already in tech and even create succession planning, so that women exiting tech leave behind competent people to take their place.

The program is a 4-month program that conducts recurring mentorship meetings, panel discussions, networking opportunities and so much more. The program brings together senior women leaders and women needing mentorship together to get them to the next level.

The mission of the program then, is to create mutually beneficial relationships between the women, leading to exclusive insights and perspective from both the mentors’ and mentees’ sides of the table.

To go even further, WIT has The Campus Next Level UpTM Mentorship Program which targets women who are still in college but are seeking to improve their chances of professional development. This campus branch is a 6-week program which helps female students build strong networks and professional relationships through mentorship meetings and networking opportunities. By the end of the program, a woman should have enough network to transition smoothly from college to the professional setting.

So, if you wish to join WIT Next Level UpTM program, click here.

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