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Tips for Working from Home

by Roveen Anyango
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The pandemic has brought about a major shift in the modern world, with the work environment not left behind.

Suddenly, we went from having to commute daily to work to now having to work from home. The change has been drastic, with many people struggling to adjust to working from the environment where they are supposed to rest.

So, below we offer some tips on how to get your work done from home without lowering your productivity:

Create a working schedule

Having a schedule has been shown to improve one’s productivity. Having clear guidelines on when you should be working and when you should rest helps you maintain a work-life balance.

Working from home can tempt one to be relaxed, which, while not a bad thing, could lower productivity when overdone. So, the schedule is a timetable that guides you on what your working hours will be and what your off-hours will be.

However, the schedule is just one part of it –

Create a morning routine

Once you have decided on your schedule, it is time to create a routine around it. A schedule is meaningless if you are not going to follow through it with a routine.

So, a morning routine could be taking a jog before settling on your desk, or getting dressed in the way you are comfortable with – some people prefer to dress in their office attire while others find it better to work in their pajamas.

A morning routine will put you in the best mood to work and tackle the day.

Schedule breaks

Once you get into the groove of working from home, time might get lost to you and you could find yourself extending beyond normal working hours or working through breaks.

Take short five to ten-minute breaks at least once an hour if your work involves you sitting in front of your computer for the most part.

Additionally, do not neglect lunch breaks, where you can stay away from your desk for at least an hour to refresh yourself as well as eat yourself back to form.

Create a dedicated working space

Some people are lucky to have offices in the homes from which they work. If you do not have a dedicated office, you can create a desk for your work only.

A dedicated working space allows you to get into the work mood once you sit at your desk while allowing the couch to remain a place where you can laze about.

Try alternatives

Some people might just not get into the groove when working from home. So, rather than try to force yourself, you could seek alternatives. You could try libraries or public lounges, which can help stimulate the office energy and make you more productive.

Working from home offers unique challenges but these challenges can easily be overcome.

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