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Tips of What to Take with You This Christmas

by Roveen Anyango
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For the first time in almost two years, most of us will be able to travel for the Christmas holidays. No doubt this will be a strange feeling for many considering how much the world has changed since the COVID pandemic broke in late 2019.

However, that aside, now that you will be traveling, what will you need in your travel endeavors? Below, we look at items you should pack when traveling for your Christmas vacation.

Disinfectants and Face masks

Who thought we’d get here? However, since we are here, we have to do this.

While not essential for travel before 2020, having your pack of facemasks and disinfectants when traveling right now is critical. Disinfectants will be used to clean any surface you come into contact with, while you can use your hand sanitizer to clean your hands afterward.

All-Weather clothes

Of course, you will not travel without extra clothes. However, this is much deeper.

While you might choose a destination that is all warm and fuzzy, carry at least one heavy cloth for warmth just in case due to the current extreme unpredictability in weather patterns. You can have with you a pair of warm socks or ankle boots and a jacket even if you are traveling to a warm tropical place. Again, just in case!

Overnight essentials

The pandemic has made it very difficult to trust that the moisturizer you find in the hotel bathroom. So, do yourself a favor and carry your essentials with you. You can purchase a toothbrush and paste for the trip, carry your moisturizer and other body lotion. This will give you peace of mind knowing that only you have touched those items as you use them.


Travel right now is facing more delays than usual, what with COVID testing and vaccine checks at airports. Thus, you are more likely to spend more time waiting at airport lounges than you did in previous times.

To ensure you have the patience to sit through it all, carry some of your favorite snacks and beverages, enough to last you through your travel. Trust me, you will need them now more than ever.


If you will be traveling home for a family reunion or visiting a friend or loved one, there is no harm in carrying a gift for your host(s).

However, if you are to take a flight, then you can buy them at the airport shops after you’ve passed through security to avoid the risk of breakages or having your preciously wrapped gift opened by airport security.

Have a Merry Christmas! And safe travel!

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