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Tips on CV writing

by Evalyne Ndanu
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Job searching is not an easy task. With every advertisement for job openings, thousands of CVs are sent. It is therefore important for your CV to stand out. Here are tips on CV writing.

Include referees.
Referees are people how can vouch for you. They are people who can recommend you to others. Make sure these are people who are aware of your strengths. They need to be people who believe in your skills and are interested to see you progress. Carefully choose and include your referees in your resume. They could be Academic and/or Professional Referees.

Keep it up to date.
Make sure your resume is up to date. If you got a new job, left a previous work place or studied for a certification, make sure it is all in the resume. As you keep the resume up to date, be as honest as possible. Let it be up to date and authentic.

resume quote

resume quote

Tailor your CV.
Depending on the role and company you are applying to, tailor your resume. In most cases we have one resume that we normally forward for different applications. This approach may not necessarily be the right approach because sometimes the role you are applying for requires some specific achievements which you may not have highlighted in your resume. Therefore, it is important to read the details of the role you are applying to and the company as well. Then make sure your resume fits the responsibilities that will come with the role. This is one of the key tips on CV writing.

Explain any gaps.
Failure to address gaps makes you suspicious. Explaining gaps doesn’t mean that you share information that you are uncomfortable sharing. Only share what is comfortable for you to share. Point out and give brief explanations of any gaps in the resume to avoid suspicion. It also goes a long way in showing that you are an honest and transparent person.

Keep it simple and easy to read.
On average, employers take 6 to 7 seconds looking at a resume. This is such a little time for your resume to make an impression. It is therefore paramount to use a proper layout that is simple and words that are easy to read. This will capture the attention of the reader. If there is too much going on in your resume or it is too complex, the employer may be less interested in it.

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