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Tips on How to be an Online Entrepreneur

by Roveen Anyango
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I am pretty certain that we have all heard of Influencers. Influencers are people who have built a reliable following online to an extent that they leverage that following for job opportunities. Another type of online entrepreneurship is businesses that have no physical offices but instead, create social media pages that act as their offices from which they sell their wares. An online entrepreneur has to understand the following to be perfect at their job:

These two are a new wave of online entrepreneurship that is shaping up due to the digital world. However, while this type of business might seem easy to the outside eye, it is in fact quite hard and needs as much consistency and resources as an actual business.

So, how can you become a successful online entrepreneur?

1.     Understand your ‘why’

Before getting down to trying to become an online entrepreneur, it is critical that you remain aware of why you want to go down that path. Do you want freedom? Do you want passive income? A side hustle?

Find out the reason and ensure it is compelling enough to keep you going.

2.   Don’t leave your job for a while

The thing about many people finding success as online entrepreneurs is that they leave their full-time job too soon. This is risky, as 45% of small businesses fail within their first five years.


If you are gaining a following on social media, and want to leverage it to become an influencer, keep your old job. This job will provide you with a financial advantage to add you your job as an influencer, ensuring you are not financially constrained if your online job is not doing well.

3.   Be unique with your approach

When wanting to be an online entrepreneur, market research will often reveal several businesses similar to yours. Thus, to stand out, you must be unique in how you market your business.

You can do this by first, identifying your target market. Social media these days often have polls that you can use to conduct market research through your followers. Once you get the information, you can then tailor your message to what your target audience wants for higher returns.


4.   Be flexible

Social media is not known for its flexibility, but as a business, you will need to be flexible. When starting out, try several approaches and see which one works best. Even when you find what works best, remain aware of the changing market trends online.

This will help keep you ahead of the curve and always a step ahead of your competitors.

Online entrepreneurship is here to stay and thus, you will need to always be conscious of your online presence, lest the fast-evolving digital market leaves you behind.

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