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Tips on How to Fix Common Issues on IPhone IOS 14.4.1

by Roveen Anyango
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Are you having some trouble with your latest iPhone software? Are you getting frustrated with the frequent bugs that interfere with your daily work?

The iPhone iOS update – iOS 14 – is the newest software update of the iPhone (though iOS 15 is on the way) and was rolled out smoothly without much of a glitch.

However, nothing is perfect and over time, many iPhone users have encountered some common problems. below, we look at some common problems of the iOS 14 and how you can fix them.

Unstable Wi-Fi and Data Connectivity

There have been cellular and Wi-Fi network issues on the iOS 14 that can range from frustrating to downright enraging. Some users have even complained of the network going off every few hours, with some even failing completely to connect to the Wi-Fi sometimes.

However, a possible solution could be restarting your phone. That tends to fix many issues.

The second option is to turn on the flight mode for a while, then turn it off and try to reconnect.

If the above fail, go to Settings > General then Reset > Reset All Settings and then Confirm.

Install/Update Issues

If your phone is having issues updating, here are possible solutions.

  1. Check your Network If turning the network on and off doesn’t work, Reset Network. Go to General – Reset – Reset Network Settings. if that doesn’t work, move to plan b below.
  2. Restart your device. This simple procedure tends to solve so many issues so always consider it before doing something more drastic. If that fails, go to plan c below.
  3. Go to Settings – General – Storage – click on iOS 14 – Delete Update – Confirm. Once done, click on download and install again. The apps should update after that.
  4. Battery drain

New iOS updates always come with a hot topic on battery performances. For iOS 14, there has been a lot of feedback on battery draining.

Below, we look at some stop-gap solutions you can try:

  1. Restart your phone once every few days.
  2. Check on your battery health. Go to Settings > Battery. You will see a list of apps and services consuming your battery. If an app that you rarely use is among the top drainers, remove such an app. While at it, disable apps that you are not using as they also eat up on the battery in the background.
  3. Keyboard lagging

Keyboard lagging is when the keyboard takes a long to type in the letters that you press. This means that you wait for a few seconds before the words appear onscreen. Some iOS 14 users have encountered this problem. Below, we look at ways to fix it;

  • Reset the keyboard dictionary
  • Disable the predictive text keyboard
  • If both don’t work, force stop and restart the keyboard.

Software updates come with many bugs but most of them can be solved quite easily. So, before taking your phone to a repair shop, try the above remedies.

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