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Tips on How to Improve Your Smartphone’s Life

by Roveen Anyango
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Smartphones keep improving yearly in terms of functionality and build, but what we can agree on is that these devices are quite fragile, and I am not just talking physically. Let’s find out how you can Improve your Smartphone’s Life?

Many smartphone manufacturers have done their best to improve the physical build of their phones to make them last longer. But this in no way means you shouldn’t take precaution. So, below, we look at ways to Improve your Smartphone’s Life

Protective cases and protectors

Your phone build quality is great and all, but adding an extra layer of protection to your device adds that additional bit of security that ensures that your device will stay in near perfect condition.

Many case manufacturers have begun making cases that are made from shock absorbent material to protect the devices edges from breaking.

Screen protectors also add protection to the most fragile part of your phone. While you can use a phone with a broken or cracked back, you cannot use a phone with a broken screen. So a glass screen protector should be among your first purchases after buying your phone.

Stop updating OS after a while

Phone manufacturers will often update their software with each passing year to keep up with the new devices that they are making. These software updates often add great and important features to your phone, but after a while, you might want to stop updating it.

OS updates often come with more demanding features that may be suitable for the newest phone in the market and not your two or three-year old device. This then means that such an update could lead to performance issues and even the whole device dying due to its limited hardware to handle the newest update.

To keep using your phone for longer, cease all OS updated at around the third year.

Frequent power-downs

You might not be aware until someone mentions it but your phone is almost always on, unless it goes off due to dead battery. Even in sleep mode, the phone is always running apps in the background.

This constant activity wears down the phone quickly, leading to drop in performance due to constant strain on the hardware. Thus, shut down your phone for a while to give it a well-deserved break at a time when you use it the least.

More tips to improve your phones lifespan can be found here. Smartphones are expensive and buying a new year each year is not feasible. So, do everything in your power to keep yours working for as long as possible.

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