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Tips on How to Manage your Time

by Roveen Anyango
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Do you feel like you are less productive with your time? Do you spend your day jumping from activity to activity with little accomplishment? How do you manage your time?

If so, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we look at time management tips that you will find useful. These tips will help you stay organized and increase your productivity.

Realize that time remains the same

The first thing you need to realize about time management is that its aim is not to increase time but rather, stop you from wasting it. A day has only 24 hours so time won’t change.

Therefore, internalize the reality that time management will be more about you than about the clock. Afterward, you need to –

Figure out where you waste time

If you want to manage your time better, first find out where you waste your time. Is it too much web surfing during work hours? Texting or making personal calls at office time? Do you spend too much time commuting?

Knowing these then creates an accurate picture of how most of your time is spent and now, you have a clear picture of the changes you need to make. To make these changes then –

Create time management goals

Once you know where you waste your time, it is time to create time management goals. These time management goals should be less about time and more about changing your behavior. So, this means, setting a goal on eliminating making personal calls or texts when at work, or spending less time on social media. If commuting is where you waste your time, you could try to move closer to your work location or perhaps make a point to get up a little earlier than usual.

For best results make the goal more specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART in short). Rather than ‘I am going to stop Facebooking at work’, the goal could be ‘I am reducing the time spent on Facebook by focusing more on completing yesterday’s task’. This makes the goal much more realistic as it makes slow increments over time.

Use time management tools

Phone apps have made life much more convenient for us, and that includes helping us manage our times. So, whether it be Google Calender or AwesomeCalender or Any.do, whatever you choose, set your schedule, and remind yourself to always stick by it.  These planners help you create a To-do-list and also have reminders you can set to remind you to complete your tasks.

If you are old school, you could have a physical planner with you and check out each activity as you complete it.

Time management is essential for productivity and productivity helps you advance in your career.

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